Artist, Director, Producer, Business Owner, Choreographer, Dancer, Photographer, Videographer, Model, Actor, Singer, MC, Athlete, Designer, Web Developer.

Hi everybody! Welcome to my personal website. As a multitalented person i designed and created this resource to allow you to see all my art, works and experience at one place. Here you can find exactly what you were looking for. I'm dancing, taking pictures, filming, singing to tune up the feelings and make a happy state of mind all around. Art, sports and technology are my lifestyle elements. Always open to work and cooperate with new people and to make their dreams come true. I gladly share all my professional knowledge and secrets. Empower yourself, grow your professionalism and skills following my recommendations and attending my classes. An extrovert, charismatic, venturer personality. Multidisciplinary specialist, renaissance man, teacher, master, guru, showman and simply just a good friend.